Vina is an minor character, she's also an orphan who knows a lot of facts, which she likes to share. She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Appearance Edit

Vina has messy brown hair tied in a low ponytail and brown eyes. She wears a white dress with a brown vest.

Personality Edit

Vina is very knowledgeable about strange things, though sometimes what she says is made up. She seems to learn fast, which freaks Puss out especially when he taught her about the ten million painful pressure points in a hand rather quickly. She is a bit eccentric and likes to get into people's faces, not understanding personal space. Despite this she is kind, somewhat spaced out, friendly and caring. She initially held a dislike towards goblins but got over it after becoming friends with Cleevil. She told Puss in the first episode that she likes Toby. She tends to start most of her phrases with the words "Did you know..", even when she simply states her opinion.


Relationships Edit

She has a crush on Toby the PIg though he does not return love back.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first episode she mentions that she likes Toby.
  • In "Sword" when Toby spits on his front hooves preparing to pull a sword from the stone, Kid Pickles comments that now he doesn't want to touch it. Vina replies slyly "I do..."
  • She is the only person not completely grossed out when they see a mermaid and a merman kissing.
  • In "Pajuna Serves Spirits", it is revealed that she has a crush on Toby.

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