He is one of the many orphans throughout the series who helps Puss. He is clumsy and overactive, at times getting in the way by accident but he is a truly kind soul with the strength to protect his friends.

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He came from an abusive home where his four older quadruplet siblings frequently tied him up, poked him with a stick, beat him until candy would come out of him, and then kicked him out of the house. He then ended up at the orphanage at San Lorenzo. He loves the orphans like his family and vice versa. They at one point tried to coerce him into helping them despite their abuse by taking advantage of his naivete, but he chose his new family.

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He is a clumsy and kind. He is fairly artistic and tends to get off task, but cares for his friends and knows to do the right thing. He almost loves helping people as much as eating. He is extremely unintelligent, not knowing words like rhetoric and forgetting things on the spot, even basic elementary school knowledge.


Vina told Puss that she likes Toby. Toby sniffed Cleevil's hair.

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