The Realm of Shades
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Vital statistics
Type Copy of San Lorenzo
Level Unknown
Location Another Dimension, Created by Sino
Inhabitants Orange(Formerly)
The Realm of Shades was a small dimension created by the Great Mage Sino. It served as a safe hiding place for Sino's magical amulet as well as an inescapable prison for the Bloodwolf.

Currently it is where the Bloodwolf and Uli reside.

Appearance Edit

The place appears to be an abandoned, black and white version of San Lorenzo where time stands still. And also, the only inhabitants of the Realm of Shades are copies of Dulcinea.

Description Edit

It is a small dimension created by the great mage Sino in preparation for the day the Bloodwolf escaped the Netherworld. The Orange Tulpa formerly resided here.

Inhabitants Edit

Orange (formerly)



Dulcinea (briefly)

Trivia Edit

. Time stands still except people can move.

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