Pajuna is the owner of the Cow and Moone Cantina, commonly referred to as the Cantina, as well as the barkeep. One of her favorite rhymes is "Get out!" according to herself in the episode Breaking Good

Physical Appearance Edit

Pajuna is an orange-brown cow with darker brown bangs and dark brown eyes. She has two silver-white horns atop her head, and has an earring. She is usually shown wearing a dress with a purple and blue striped bodice and a blue, purple, and orange-gingham striped skirt.

Personality Edit

She is an eccentric, good-hearted cow with a murky past, but is friendly and cares for her friends.

Background Edit

Pajuna is a Highland cow, with a murky history, who owns The Cow and Moone Cantina. She has had many jobs and crossed paths with everyone. She has stated in episode 19 that she has hidden things throughout the town that are evidence of some crimes she had done in the past. In episode 10 she was stated to have once been a book binder and in episode 11 it is mentioned she once worked as an assassin and knows some strangulation techniques. In Season 3 Episode 2, she mentions having had a star crossed lover but didn't finish the story as Puss interrupted. In Season 3, Episode 7 she mentions having had an evil twin who she had to fight to the death in order to protect her secret lover who was a prince. In Season 3 Episode 13, Puss calls her "Pajuna Michelle Cowandmoone".

It is unknown how she got to San Lorenzo.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She makes milkshakes, putting ice on her cow parts and milking them.
  • She used to be a bounty hunter, and was affiliated with fellow bounty hunter, Roz.

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