The Obelisk of Night is a Mystic tower with a pyramid on top that the one with the power of the Crown of Souls could bring the Bloodwolf to Earth. It is located in San Lorenzo.

History Edit

Season 4 Edit

In "The Obelisk" Puss and friends journey to find the Obelisk under San Lorenzo to stop the Bloodwolf. To stop the Bloodwolf the chosen one must touch the obelisk. The hero was revealed to Dulcinea becouse she has four fingers.

Season 6 Edit

In "And, Having Writ, Moving On", Sino, Puss and Dulcinea go to the Obelisk to stop the end of the world. The Obelisk reveals Dulcinea as the white Tulpa--the one who must protect the Obelisk at all cost.

Abilities Edit

  • Keeping the identity of the white tulpa a secret
  • Bringing the Bloodwolf back to earth with the help of the crown of souls
  • Hidding the Arcanum

Trivia Edit

  • Dulcinea was created to protect the obelisk

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