Malviola is an Eldritch sister and a keeper of part of the Gem of the Crown. She is voiced by Elise Dubois.


Malviola wears a black coat along with a pointed black hat. She rides around on a broom, and her skin was once colored green because she believed that is how a witch should look.


Malviola is one of the Eldritch Sisters. At an unknown time, her and her sisters were each given one piece of the Gem of the Crown of Souls so that the Crown would be rendered useless. Sometime after this her sister, Maldonna, wrote a tell-all book about her family in an attempt to make some money. This book enraged Malviola and her other two sisters so much that they cursed Maldonna, and everyone else, to forget her and took away her magic. After being cursed, Maldonna went by the name Duchess for an unknown reason.


She is a generally kind witch. She is somewhat concerned with others think about her, always wanting to be the perfect witch, painting herself green just to seem like a witch. 

She gets very angry when people do not think she is a witch.