Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date January 16, 2015
Written by Doug Landale
Directed by Luther McLaurin & Lane Lueras
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None Episode 2: Sphinx

Hidden is the first episode of the first season of The Adventures of Puss in Boots. The episode released on January 16, 2015.

Overview Edit

Puss accidentally stumbles upon the legendary hidden city of San Lorenzo, and soon finds himself forced to protect it from thieves.

Summary Edit

Puss is in a town when he encounters Dulcinea who is being harassed by thieves. After rescuing her, he helps her buy some silk, but gets concerned that she might be attacked on her way home, so he follows her to the desert and through a hidden portal accidentally to the legendary town of San Lorenzo. There he meets the town's residents who have been living in secrecy for many years. Dulcinea shows Puss their town's treasure room, but when Puss steals a coin from the vault, he inadvertently breaks the spell that has cloaked the town, and must defend it from the oncoming thugs. Afterwards, he agrees to stay around to protect the town.

Moral Edit

Take responsibility for your actions.

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Trivia Edit

  • To enter into San Lorenzo while it still had it's spell you had to say "Mystic treasure in the center lift the veil so i may enter,"

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