Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date May 8, 2015
Written by Jesse Porter
Directed by Luther McLaurin
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Golem is the eighth episode of the first season of The Adventures of Puss in Boots. The episode released on May 8th, 2015.

Overview Edit

The Golem, a giant clay enemy Puss has been outrunning for years, comes to San Lorenzo. With the help of Artephius, Puss may finally defeat his foe.

Summary Edit

Long ago, Puss angered an evil wizard, who then created a golem to hunt Puss down. When the golem finally tracks Puss to San Lorenzo, Puss must discover a way to get the golem to stop chasing him and obey new orders. Things get out of hand, however, when the orphans start giving the golem their own commands.

Moral Edit

Don't force others to do things they don't want to.

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