Francisco, Baltazar, and Philip
Black Cat
Gender: All Male
Species: Black Cat
Age: Unknown
Personal Information
  Puss in Boots, Goblins
  Goblin Hideout
  Puss in Boots, Goblins
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Francisco: Patton Oswalt
Baltazar: H. John Benjamin
Philip: Carlos Alazraqui
Baltazar, Francisco, and Philip are a small band of black cats who use their luck based energy powers to fight their enemies. Because of the superstitions surrounding black cats, the three are often shunned by others, resulting in them having to steal to survive.

In a brief encounter with Puss, the group tricked him into staying with their group, convincing him that the curse that turned him into a black cat was permanent. It was later revealed that the group was just lonely and having Puss in their midst brought success to their often failed attempts at thievery. Before leaving the group, Puss unites them with a group of roguish goblins who very quickly invite the cats into joining. 

After being banished from San Lorenzo later in the series, Puss returned to the group as a temporary member, rejoining them in the usual adventures of thievery.

Appearance Edit

The three cats have a slick black coat with each one wearing a colorful hat on their heads. Baltazar wears a blue feathered cap, Francisco wears a red hat with shiny buttons, and Philip wears a yellow pointed get droopy hat. they also have gray-ish streaks in their fur as if they were meant to be old.

Personality Edit

Baltazar is a sarcastic and pessimistic sort, often being the most normal of the three. He is reasonable and seems to posses the most common sense out of the group.

Francisco, the self proclaimed leader of the group, often speaks in Shakespearean, much to the annoyance and confusion of those around him. He posses the ability to speak normally, but seems to prefer the theatrics and dramatic. It has been subtly hinted that he has some sort of obsession or crush on Puss, writing twenty pages of "Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Puss in Boots" in his journal. To no surprise, this discovery deeply disturbed Puss.

Philip appears to be of lower intelligence, often being the most enthusiastic of the bunch. He often repeats other people's words in the form of echoes due to, as Baltazar describes, "life not being easy or kind for Philip".

Powers Edit

On top of their natural cat agility and quickness, like all black cats, the three posses the ability to absorb bad luck from sources and concentrating it into a form of a luck blast. This burst of lucky energy often appears as a sphere of blue power that can be used to destroy objects, push back opponents, and even create blinding flashes of light.

The Luck Bomb is an advanced power that few cats have been seen to pull off. Using vast amounts of concentrated bad luck power, hitting the ground creates a mini earthquake that attacks foes at great distances. So far Puss is the only cat in the series to be seen using such a move.

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