Female Goblin Group
Female Goblin Group
Gender: All Female
Species: Goblin
Age: 9
Hair color: Black
Personal Information
  Francisco, Baltazar and Philip
  Outskirts in the forest
  Francisco, Baltazar, and Philip
  Farming, Magic, Curses

Appearance Edit

They all look roughly the same but with variation in clothing. They are large with black hair stylized in upward pigtails and green with pronounced lips and large ears. Their limbs are fairly long and large with a large compact body frame.

But not as pretty as Cleevil though.

Personality Edit

They are rough and aggressive but not violent unless provoked and otherwise mind their own business. One in particular (the one to the right) gets annoyed when people push her around or offend her and will curse those that do her wrong, but will make things right when the person is genuinely kind or apologizes.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

One of these goblins put a curse on Puss, making him a black cat. (shown in Episode 15, Luck)