Gender: Male
Species: Wishing Star
Personal Information
  Wishing Star
  Dulcinea, Puss in Boots
  Not Being able to grant wishes, Eternal slumber
Production Information
Voiced by:
Jack McBrayer

Appearance Edit

He is a large blue wishing star but is small when seen from Earth.

Personality Edit

He is a kind energetic enthusiastic lonely helpful star who is happy when Dulcinea befriends him and tries to help her grant wishes to help people. When the wishes don't work, he believes making more wishes will undo the wishes. He enjoys granting wishes and dislikes the fact that should his existence be revealed he will be sent to eternal slumber. He is eager to help but when he realizes his wishes go out of control, he sacrifices himself in order to undo all the damage he has done, showing how selfless he is.

Plot Edit

  • When Dulcinea spots him, she notices he is a wishing star and wishes for a droopy flower to be brought to life and it works. He then gives her a medal and makes her official wish granter of San Lorenzo and tells her not to expose his identity or he will fall into eternal slumber. While he enjoys making people happy by granting their wishes through Dulcinea, when they realize the wishes go awry, he believes they can fix it by making more wishes. Puss realizes Dulcinea is up to something and tries to persuade her to tell him, but she wishes to disappear. Esteban teleports her to the treasure room and they try to restore the magical barrier of San Lorenzo, but instead end up separated from the world. Esteban realizes the damage he has caused and decides Dulcinea should expose his identity in order undo the damage they have done. Dulcinea is reluctant but conceeds. He then says good bye, but tells Dulcinea she can still speak to him he just won't answer back. It was possible that he died when he was sent to eternal slumber

Abilities Edit

He can grant any wish given to him, but they always go awry. He can bring things to life, fix things, make people behave a certain way, teleport people, levitate people and even separate an entire town away from Earth. While his full powers have not yet been seen, it is safe to assume that he his unlimited powers but can only use it when someone makes a wish to him. He can only speak to those who request wishes from him and whose wishes he has granted. In addition, should people aside from the wisher know of his existence he will go into eternal slumber.

Trivia Edit