Ephram is a baby dragon once mistakenly taken from his cave by Puss.

Gender: Male
Species: European Dragon
Personal Information
  Guardian of Treasure
  Dragon Toby, Dragon, Toby
  Puss in Boots
  El Moco
Ephram's Mother
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Frank Weller

Appearance Edit

Resembling the common European Dragon design, Ephram has a tough scaly quadrupedal body with a long neck and tail. His scales appear a light green around his belly, darkening to a deep forest green on the sides, and finally to a dark gray on his back. His wings stretch about as far as his body is long on either side with red webbing and a black backing.

Personality Edit

Being unable to talk, Ephram's behavior resembles that of a puppy, enthusiastic and excitable albeit a bit destructive in the process.

Plot Edit

Puss stumbles on Ephram in a cave filled with treasure and finds the dragon weak and hardly able to talk. He quickly concludes that this is because he is elderly and frail from some illness. He nurses the dragon back to health back in San Lorenzo and names him Dragon Toby after being unable to think of any other name after Toby suggests it.

Once he regained his strength, Ephram proved to be a rather destructive pet, frequently getting into trouble with the San Lorenzian locals and destroying property.

Before long Ephram's Mother swoops in and vouches for her baby son, scolding Puss for taking him from his home. She very nearly destroyed the town in anger, but was stopped by Ephram's whimpering pleas. She instead took him back home, leaving San Lorenzo unharmed.

Abilities Edit

Flight - He posses wings capable of flight, but due to his young age this ability is not entirely controllable.

Fire Breath - He also posses the ability to breath fire, which is also not entirely controlled.

Trivia Edit