El Guante Blanco is an elderly cat that trained Puss In Boots. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Appearance Edit

El Guante Blanco is a black cat with blue eyes and one white paw. He has clothing similar to Puss (cowboy hat and belt with sword) but doesn't wear boots. He has similar appearance to Kitty Softpaws. His black fur appears to be mildly sun-bleached, as it can appear tawny. As he aged, he also had many random white hairs scattered across his body fur.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be very wise and kind.

Background Information Edit

It is mentioned in Season 3 Episode 5 that he was a student of the Great Masters, like Goodsword. It is also mentioned that he and Goodsword were once trained under Sir Todd Cooper and Baron Leithouser, although not confirmed.

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Abilities Edit

He can do the "cool spinning thing in the air" and many other battle tactics. (fighting, fencing, etc) This is mentioned in Episode 6, "Fountains." He and Goodsword are a pair and work well together in battle...

Trivia Edit

  • He can do the "cool spinning thing in the air" which is mentioned by Puss in Episode 6, "Fountains."
  • He was Puss's old mentor.
  • His name, translated to English, means "The White Glove" most likely referring to his white paw.
  • He trains adventurers, such as Puss and the Ugly Duckling.
  • Dulcinea admits in Episode 6 "Fountains" that she once had a childhood crush on him.
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