Brandt, Dom, Chad and Lamar
Gender: Male
Species: Pigs
Personal Information
  Ninjas, Thieves,
Each other, Toby
Production Information
Voiced by:
Brandt: Greg Cripes

Dom: Mikey Kelley

Chad: Adam McArthur

Lamar: Robbie Rist

Physical Appearance Edit

The one in the green is Dom, he is voiced by Mikey Kelley. The one in red is Brandt, he is voiced by Greg Cripes, the one in blue is Chad, he is voiced by Adam McArthur. The one in brown is Lamar, he is voiced by Robbie Rist.

Personality Edit

They are all annoying bullies who do whatever they want, even if it means hurting others. They are all relatively stupid and manipulative. Brandt claims to be the cute one, Dom claims to be the bad one. Chad claim to be the sporty one. Lamar claims to be the prankster.

Background Edit

They used to bully and lie to Oakley all he time. They used to tie him up poke him with a stick, beat him until candy came out and then kicked him out of the house. While they care about each other, they share no care whatsoever with Toby who they see more as a nuisance and a loser. Despite this, they were willing to use him, claiming he was the one who did all the bad stuff to them and having him help them steal from San Lorenzo's treasure vault knowing full well that Toby wanted their acknowledgement and held no resentment towards them for their horrible actions.

Apearances Edit

Abilities Edit

They have ninja abilities, such as speed, agility, and very incredible fighting skills. They move at the speed of light, as seen in "Brothers".

Trivia Edit