The Bloodwolf is a powerful, evil creature from the Netherworld, trapped there by the Great Mage Sino. He is the main antagonist in season 4. He is voiced by Clancy Brown. Uli the goat brought him from the netherworld.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is a terrifying, fearable, bloodthirsty monster, with red eyes and a massive upper body. He wears Egyptian styled rings around his neck, wrists, arms, and legs.

History Edit

Past Edit

The Bloodwolf claims to have existed before time itself, though not much is given about his backstory, so it is unconfirmed if the Bloodwolf is the embodiment of Fear or simple a creature of Fear.

For some reason the Bloodwolf came to Earth to destroy it, however he was opposed by the Great Mage Sino, who used his sorcery to fight back against the Bloodwolf. Sino eventually was forced to find and use the Arcanum, the most powerful magical item in existence, to seal the Bloodwolf into the Netherworld. However even using the most powerful item in existence to banish the Bloodwolf didn’t ease Sino's worries that the Bloodwolf would eventually escape his chains in the Netherworld and return before destroying the world, so Sino made a magical amulet that can only be activated by the One from the Great Prophecy to banish the Bloodwolf and the user of the amulet to the Realm of Shades if he ever did escape. He also created three tulpas: Orange, created to watch over the Realm of Shades, which Sino created to imprison the Bloodwolf, should he escape the Netherworld, Green: who was made to call forth Sino, should he ever be needed and White, who's duty it was to protect the Arcanum.

Presumable without the Bloofwolf's knowing, a cult who worshiped him called the "Ancient and Terrible Order of Das Blutwolf" came to be, this cult has extreme knowledge about him, including how to bring him back from the Netherworld, all his greatest strengths and even all his greatest weaknesses, the only character who appeared in the show who was part of the cult was Ulschalk Sündenbock (Uli), who was raised among them, although it is speculated that Fartholomew Fishflinger was also a member.

Return and Second Banishment Edit

The Bloodwolf first appeared as a vision in Puss's magical dream cast on him by Malaranea. In the dream, Puss easily defeated him with the Crown of Souls.

Upon Walpurgisnact, the Bloodwolf returned in his true form as his return was announced with waves after wave of his winged wolf avatars, thanks to the One from the Great Prophecy wore the Crown of Souls, melding the crown's powers with the Obelisk of Night.

The Bloodwolf is released however is still chained to the Netherworld by chains, however the Bloodwolf is quick to break the chains, completely freeing himself from the Netherworld in the process, before roaring. Puss accidentally drops his sword and the Bloodwolf notices him, the Bloodwolf then asks Puss if he is the One from the Great Prophecy, when Puss stammers the Bloodwolf chuckles before saying that he knows Puss fears him, that he is the source of all fear and when he is done with Earth, fear will be the only thing left. Puss tries to tell the Bloodwolf and himself that he is not afraid of him, however the Bloodwolf shouts that Puss does fear him before attacking him and throwing Puss away before throwing a rock at him.

The Bloodwolf then jumps down before telling everyone that they fear him before saying that their fear feeds him and will give him the power to destroy their world. Puss once again says he does not fear the Bloodwolf, however the Bloodwolf says that only the One from the Great Prophecy does not fear him before coldly telling Puss that he is not the One, Puss then collapses.

Uli arrives and tells the Bloodwolf how he had helped him return from the Netherworld, the Bloodwolf then reads Uli's Mind before dropping him, telling Uli he has seen what he has done before asking Uli if he should be grateful. Uli says he doesn't expect much but asks the Bloodwolf if he can rule what remains of the Earth when he decimates it as a mighty warlord, the Bloodwolf thinks about it for a few seconds before saying "No" and using his Telekinesis to throw Uli into the wall. The Bloodwolf then tells Uli he will be destroyed, he then tells everyone that they will all be destroyed and that the Earth will be no more before laughing and sending his avatars after the innocent inhabitants of San Lorenzo.

When the camera returns from the Realm of Shades, we see that the Bloodwolf has already dispatched and defeated the entire Senior Puss Squad, the entire team being held down by Bloodwolves. The Bloodwolf then states how is he hungry after his long imprisonment in the Netherworld before turning to face El Guante Blanco before asking him what is his greatest fear, picking him up with his Telekinesis, the Bloodwolf then forces El Gaunte to see his greatest fear: growing old, the fear makes El Gaunte scream before the Bloodwolf lets go of him and let’s him fall to the ground. The Bloodwolf exclaims that El Gaunte's fear was delicious and that he must have more fear, he then mentally picks up the Duchess before forcing her too to see her greatest fear: losing Artephius, she gives off a bloodcurdling scream before the Bloodwolf drops her. He then forces Sphinx to see her greatest fear: having her wings cut off, Golem's greatest fear of being broken and crumbling to pieces, Goodsword's greatest fear, rust and Pajuna's greatest fear spiders.

Mayor Temeroso then passes out with fear, and the Bloodwolf in disbelief says he wasn’t even doing anything. The Bloodwolf then glances over to the defeated heroes, exclaiming that it was too easy before looking over at Puss, saying that since Puss is the bravest one in San Lorenzo, his fear will be the sweetest and will give the Bloodwolf the power to destroy Earth, the Bloodwolf then picks Puss up with his Telekinesis and asks him what is his greatest fear, it shows Dulcinea's supposed Death, however the Bloodwolf is confused and enraged when Puss doesn't scream. Puss then tells the Bloodwolf that he made a mistake, saying that Dulcinea's "death" has already happened and now Puss has nothing left to fear. The Bloodwolf says that should be impossible before letting go of Puss, Puss restates something Dulcinea once told him about "being brave does not mean that fears have you none, it means you face up to your fears and do what must be done" before telling the Bloodwolf that Puss can now see the fear in him before attacking the Bloodwolf with his sword.

The smaller Bloodwolves come to help their master while the other members of the Senior Puss Squad watch in utter shock that Puss is fighting the seemingly impossible-to-defeat being. Puss' courage reignites their will to fight before they go to distract the smaller Bloodwolves so Puss can fight the Bloodwolf alone.

Soon other inhabitants of San Lorenzo begin fighting and distracting the smaller Bloodwolves while Puss himself continues to fight the Bloodwolf. However their distractions seem to be in vain as the Bloodwolf is almost completely ignoring Puss and more so focusing on the fight between San Lorenzo and his smaller Bloodwolves, he then tells Puss that his courage is impressive and says that it’s almost a shame that Puss still doesn't have a chance, Puss tells the Bloodwolf to keep talking and that he will find a way past his defenses, Puss then attempts to attack the Bloodwolf at his snout, however the sword he has been using since the beginning of his adventures in San Lorenzo snaps, and to add even more salt to Puss' wounds, the blow that sacrificed Puss' sword merely made the Bloodwolf scratch his nose in slight irritation. The Bloodwolf then exclaims that he has no more time for Puss and that the Walpurgisnacht Blood Moon will soon rise and it will be time for the Earth to end, he then sadistically states that he will taste the screams of dying as the world ends.

The Bloodwolf then decides to finish the battle by summoning blood-red lightning and blasting all of the members of the Senior Puss Squad with lightning. The Bloodwolf then tells Puss to see that he had no chance and once again mockingly tells him that he is not the One, Puss says that he knows, that the One is dead before yelling at Uli for his help in it. The Bloodwolf then says that the Blood Moon will soon rise, and with the One dead, there is no one to stop him before once again starting to laugh. However the Bloodwolf is cut off when a pillar of bright light appears, the bright light is revealed to be Dulcinea, the One from the Great Prophecy, the Bloodwolf looks daggers at her, however when he notices Sino's Amulet he quickly begins firing lightning at her, however Sino's Amulet creates a blue force field that protects her from the Bloodwolf's onslaught, however the Bloodwolf's lightning eventually pushes Dulcinea into the bridge and causes the bridge to crumble as he once again begins laughing.

Once Dulcinea tells the Senior Puss Squad how to defeat the Bloodwolf, they all team up and use their powers together to defeat the godly wolf, El Gaunte strikes the Bloodwolf with Goodsword, the Duchess pushes him back with her Telekinesis and Sphinx temporarily blinds him with her magic, Golem goes to punch him however looks in fear as the Bloodwolf is unaffected and simply jabs Golem, forcing him back a few feet, but Golem doesn't give up and punches the Bloodwolf in the face a couple of times before Golem and the Bloodwolf lock their fists into the others, the other trying to push the other back and both are seemingly at equal strength, the Duchess then electrocutes the Bloodwolf but that still doesn't give Golem the upper hand. The Bloodwolf then once again begins firing lightning at the Senior Puss Squad, but when Golem comes up to punch the Bloodwolf, he blocks it with his hand before turning Golem onto his back, he then stomps on Golem's face before he throws Golem far away from San Lorenzo.

The Bloodwolf then spots the Blood Moon and believes he has won, telling everyone that their world ends now, however Puss uses his broken sword to push a big rock on top of the Bloodwolf, seemingly defeated, however the Bloodwolf proves them wrong once he throws the giant rock away from him, he then proclaims himself death and the destroyer of worlds. About to destroy Earth, Puss jumps on the Bloodwolf and momentarily distracts him long enough for Dulcinea to activate Sino's Amule before saying goodbye to Puss and then runs and jumps to touch the Bloodwolf notices but doesn't have enough time to react as he screams before Uli saves the Bloodwolf from the amulet, pushing Dulcinea away. The Bloodwolf muses over how Uli still tries to please him and asks Uli if he has learnt nothing, Uli responds that he has learnt to do good before touching the Bloodwolf's snout with the still activated amulet, banishing the Bloodwolf to the Realm of Shades along with himself, however before Uli is fully banished, he apologizes to Dulcinea.

The Bloodwolf along with Uli then land in the Realm of Shades version of San Lorenzo where he meets Orange, who tells him that the Realm of Shades is his new home for all eternity, the Bloodwolf responds that she can’t keep him here and that he will destroy her however his claws go straight through her body, Orange then disappears however says the two Tulpa's are still remaining. The Bloodwolf then screams in frustration and hits the grey ground with his fist, however Uli assures the he will be here to entertain him forever and ever and ever and ever, realizing he’d be possibly stuck here with Uli for all eternity and if not then a really long time, the Bloodwolf screams at the grey sky.

Legacy Edit

After his first banishment, the fear he would return made Sino make the Realm of Shades. After the realization hit Puss that the Bloodwolf was making his slow return from the Netherworld, he almost completely quit being a hero and even wanted himself to be locked up and his statue caused the Mole King and his army to come and terrorize San Lorenzo. After his second banishment Puss once against almost quit being a hero, other banished beings from the Netherworld come out of the giant portal made by the Bloodwolf's return and ultimately caused the Senior Puss Squad to disband

Trivia Edit

  • According to himself, he is the source of all fear.
  • He feeds on fear to make himself stronger.
  • He is currently trapped in The Realm of Shades with Uli.
  • He is the arch-enemy of Sino.
  • He existed before time itself.
  • On Walpurgisnacht, the sky turns blood red, and the Blood Moon will rise.
  • The Bloodwolf betrayed Uli
  • Another name for the bloodwolf is das blutwolf as Uli calls it.


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