Babieca is Puss in Boots'  horse.

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He is an average-sized grey horse with a long white mane. He is a Unicorn in Puss's dreams. He has a blackening muzzle that pinkens mildly at his lips. Babieca is most likely a Mustang, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Barb, Akhal-Teke or other hot-blooded horse breed, as hot-bloods are the best adapting to harsh condition, like the desert, and they are also naturally nomadic and adapt best to a nomadic lifestyle, they are also the fastest with the most stamina in all conditions, which could easily make him appealing to Puss. It is noted that Babieca is the fastest horse in the world, by Puss.

Personality Edit

Despite acting like a normal horse, both Puss and Artephius can understand what he says. He is very intelligent and can be fairly sassy to the point of using foul language, judging by Puss's and Artephius's remarks. He does not like being told what to do unless they say please, showing he likes courtesy. He enjoys racing and competition. However, he is very loyal to Puss and as a result hates when people give him competition for Puss's attention, such as ephram in episode 12.

In Season Five, he is given a voice for a short time once he is sent into the Netherworld.

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