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• 1/27/2019

Fanfiction number 6. Puss vs Dulcinea storyline

Well, I have an idea after I finish my Zootopia story. For those who have yet to see my poll about wrestling, this match is going to happen in a fanfiction I'm planning to do. Puss in Boots vs Dulcinea.

Rules are simple :

One fall, win by pinfall or submission. It's a normal match, with no weapons or injects, no tulpa powers, just fists, and kicks and wrestling moves

Please vote and explain why do you think the character you vote to win is going to prevail.

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• 1/24/2019

Wrestling match for the ages

Look you might not know wrestling or WWE etc. But I have somewhat of a plot around my next story(might release the 1st chapter about 2 or 3 months) and a part of the story is a wrestling match. The circumstances because of this are TBD by the ones who will wrestle are 2 of the next heroes that will be a part of the story: Puss in Bots, Dulcinea, Jose, Kitty Softpaws, and El Guante Blanco(possibly, idk yet). So calm down at the following poll and think of what would you want. Hope you get to read the next story soon.

Which match would you want to see in the next story
  • Puss in Boots vs Dulcinea
  • Dulcinea vs Kitty Softpaws
  • Dulcinea vs Jose
  • Kitty Softpaws vs Puss
  • Kitty Softpaws vs Jose
  • Jose vs Puss in Boots
  • Other
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• 12/30/2018

A Zootropolis Adventure(and literally anything involving my fanfictions) Q&A

Ask me anything you want to talk about

Story: A Zotropils Adventure


A Zootropolis Adventure Chapter 1: A birthday's crisis(again), an Adventures of Puss in Boots + Zootopia Crossover fanfic | FanFiction www.fanfiction.net
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• 11/29/2018

What do you like the most?

Well, my 2nd fanfiction is in the books, and I couldn't be prouder myself than I am to all the readers showing it love and support me towards a great fandom

With story number three in development, it is safe to say to ask you.

What do you like the most in story 2 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13043732/1/The-Adventures-of-the-Catvengers

You can answer anything you want, like the main characters, villains, secondary characters, plot, arcs, references, chapters, etc.

The Adventures of the Catvengers Chapter I, an adventures of puss in boots fanfic | FanFiction www.fanfiction.net
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• 11/26/2018

Thanksgiving special

Story: Thanskgiving special


Thanskgiving special, an adventures of puss in boots fanfic | FanFiction www.fanfiction.net
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• 11/8/2018

Kitty vs Dulcinea fanfic

Though the series is set before the movie, In my story it's after,I have made a fanfic of what would happen if when Puss and Dulcinea are living together in San Lorenzo, (Which they haven't left yet, and dulcinea doesn't know she's a tulpa) When Kitty turns up! Dulcinea gets jealous and is worried Puss might fall for Kitty again!

I'm also working on a story about how the series sums up to the movie, (Haven't published it yet!)

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy! And if you have any requests for chapter 5, I'll be happy to here them!


First lover or True love? Chapter 1: The familiar feline, an adventures of puss in boots fanfic | FanFiction www.fanfiction.net
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• 11/1/2018

Future Fanfiction story

Well, the end of my 2nd fanfiction is near and I already have ideas for the 3rd one in this Jose, Puss, and Dulcinea journey. And I am a man of the people, wanna make this poll I will make this next few hours. One is this... What would you want for the 3rd story? And if it's a crossover with who should I crossover? Here's the link to my story for those who haven't read it yet https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13043732/1/The-Adventures-of-the-Catvengers

Which crossover would be good for my fanfiction with Puss in Boots
  • How to train your dragon
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Zootopia
  • My own with some Avengers characters
  • Other(of your choosing)
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• 10/30/2018

Puss in Boots: Journey to the Far Lands (Fan Continuation)

[Puss's time in San Lorenzo might be over, but evil still lurks. As a fan continuation from the series, An epic adventure through the world he was brought back to. With Dulcinea, they will meet and help new friends and defeat foes as they go as far as the eye can see, where an unforetold destiny awaits them, and a familiar foe they faced and will face again for revenge.]

So I've been a fan of the Puss in Boots with the Netflix series and also the movie itself. To my extent about the series. I cried as much as all of you when I saw the ending. But with Dulcinea's appearance afterwards I was like "WHUT?" I think their adventure never ended yet and there are some plot holes in the series that I think needs to be filled ^_^. I hope you guys like it! I am planning this to be a big story! I think y'all will find this interesting.


Puss in Boots: Journey to the Far Lands, an adventures of puss in boots fanfic | FanFiction www.fanfiction.net
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• 10/29/2018

You know what would be really interesting to read!

It would be really interesting to read if someone made a fan fiction on what would happen if Dulcinea met Kitty!

I have read a story on fan fiction but it didn't have much detail it was mainly kitty turning up and Puss and Dulcinea's door, dulcinea got a little jealous, Puss told dulcinea that he had forgotten about Kitty )-: and that was it.

It would be cool like, Puss and Dulcinea are still at San Lorenzo when kitty turns up, Dulcinea is weary of kitty because she thinks that Kitty could rob the treasure house, Puss and Dulcinea have to go and fight thieves kitty leaves,

 a few days later kitty meets puss privet at the thieves market and they talk, and laugh and remember their adventures together, dulcinea gets jealous, dulcinea tell lies to kitty when she's with her alone, and try's to get kitty to leave but kitty misses puss and doesn't want to leave him.

after a while things happen, kitty starts getting close to puss, dulcinea gets frustrated and doesn't know what to do,

then kitty gets injured saving puss in a fight against a bad guy, she gets concussion (knocked out), puss realizes what kitty has done for him and that dulcinea is jealous, they go back home to San Lorenzo, there is a party in the town, kitty is back and conscious. Puss asked her for a dance, dulcinea watches them dance (they are very good dances) puss dips kitty (like when they were dancing on golden eggs) suddenly kitty's wanted sign blows over to Dulcinea's feet she picks it up and reads it out loud and every one heard, then everyone knows kitty is a thief and wanted out law (Puss already knew that though) and they kick her out of the town though puss's efforts of trying to convince the town she isn't bad, someone says 'you only think that because you like her!' Puss see's Dulcinea's reaction and then shouts back 'no i don't i like dulcinea' though he knew he dose like kitty (yes if he also may like dulcinea), kitty was hiding at the time and heard that, she felt heart broken and runs off. a few weeks later, puss was siting around, dulcinea was thinking about what happened a few weeks ago, she and puss go traveling. dulcinea and puss are walking around when they come across a person who has been robbed puss runs after the thief while dulcinea helps the man, he chases the thief then the tumble puss grabs the mask seeing who it is (kitty) he says 'You!' and as they land before she can run of he pins her to the ground kitty kicks him off her, so she can escape, puss looks at her as she runs off. Dulcinea comes up to him and is like are you ok? puss nods (is winded after being kicked) a few days later dulcinea meets kitty at a market, dulcinea talks to kitty alone and asks her why she's here, dulcinea guessing she heard what puss said uses that as an advantage, and says things to kitty (In jealously, we all know dulcinea wouldn't purposely be mean) dulcinea tells kitty that 'when your first arrived and i talked to puss privetly, he told be that he'd completely forgotten all about you, do you really think that he actually likes you!'' dulcinea also tells her that she is Puss's girl friend, which makes kitty upset. Dulcinea returns back to the house she and puss are staying at. they are sitting on the couch, and asks him how he met kitty, he tells her about the golden goose incident, she then says 'so she betrayed you? for gold!' before puss could say that kitty broke him out of jail. 

Yeah my crazy 🤪 idea. Lol... ok i'll stop talking... bye now

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• 10/10/2018

The Adventures of Catvengers(not done yet but enjoy😉

The Adventures of Catvengers is a story that takes place 3 months after my 1st fanfictions events(yes, is a sequel and I'm making adventures after the ending of the series)

Won't tell any in-depth into the story, all that you can know is that it explores the theory of Dulcinea's 4 clawed like symbol in her forehead meaning she could have been a human before being a tulpa, also there are many characters and a surprise that involves a team up we wish we want in the future.


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• 10/3/2018

Talk about it

Guys, I've been given some thoughts about something. Truth is, I can't be the only one with a mission that wants to story by story, discussion by discussion, movies to series, etc bring some fanbase into Puss in Boots. I made a group in Discord(https://discord.gg/K36w5H

And it's really cool Puss in Boots group chat( it's called Sweet Ginger, I know I'm a huge shipper for Puss and Dulcinea, don't kill me) and I feel like drawers, fanfiction writers, fans, anyone who loves Puss in Boots can join and enjoy ourselves together.

Puss in Boots inspired me to enjoy his movie, series, how he wants to help, his thirst for adventure, etc. And Dulcinea is the one that inspired me, as well as Puss, to make fanfictions and it's because there's more to Dulcinea than meets the eye.

I know the way I do fanfictions is weird odd and bold just cause I add Thanos Avengers self-insert characters such as myself etc but that's the way I will do it and am proudly doing this.

Hope you read this and consider joining Discord. Peace, fellow Puss in Boots, Kitty, Dulcinea fans👌❤

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 9/28/2018


Hey guys, listen. The ending of the series I cried as hard as ai did in Infinity War cause I didn't feel this type of emotions in a long time. I a huge Puss in Boots fan and I love both Kitty and Dulcinea cause they both are important cat ladies in Puss' life and for you guys (both Dulcinea haters and Kitty haters) to hate without any reason is actually sad to see, instead of appreciating both cats for what they are.

Anyways I'm also a new writer in the fanfiction game(gotta thank Rival Argentica) and I have made 2 books, 1 is complete and the other one is in the works and all of them are a bit Puss in Boots, but in my own imaginary world. You don't have to read it if you don't want to but I hope you give the stories a try



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• 9/9/2018

A Puss/Dulcinea fanfic of epic proportions :D

San Lorenzans!

It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to read a Puss/Dulcinea fanfic of mine that I am currently in the process of writing. I am confident to say that I am working on something with an interesting plotline- an alternate reality where, instead of El Moco ruling their town, Evil Puss instead finds himself Emperor King. This will explain where Evil Puss went after he disappeared under the foot of K'foggnargh. The world hangs in the balance, LOTS of characters (including the Megamicre Queen, the Mole King, the Scimitar, the Eldritch Witches, El Moco, the Sheevras, Zuva, and many others) will surface, and twists involving magic and time travel await as Puss and Dulcinea discover the meaning of love. It is an adventure that I think is epic, because recently I've been feeling like I'm writing a movie plot, lol. The story begins after Puss, Dulcinea and Co. return from the Netherworld to find that a year has already passed in San Lorenzo. The story negates Season 6, and shall end differently from the original series. How it will end shall be revealed as I continue to post the chapters.

Come flock over to my story if you wish to enjoy a brand new adventure! I would certainly welcome new readers! :) [Haters are welcome to analyze the work of my hand, and I am open to constructive criticism. What I will not stand for is baseless claims, but I know that the people of this fandom is working on being better than that!]

Hope you don't mind me spreading my works, but I only want to share my love for San Lorenzo- and Puss and Dulcinea. :D I hope you enjoy your brief stop! Gracias, everyone!

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• 8/28/2018

I would like to right a story to! but..

I've just finished watching the whole series then I saw the movie after it, finished it a few mins ago

I've read how another has made there own story (haven't read it yet) and so I want to make my own story to but I got a few ideas so vote your fav (check this everyday) and I'll make a story!
Read on internet that the series is set before the movie so what happens to dulcinea?
{I'll make another comment for middle climax and how to end it.}

Ok so questions!
Beginning- It is seen that puss rides of with dulcinea so i'll start with them together for a few day or a day, then something happens because dulcinea isn't seen in the movie and puss gets with kitty.
Beginning- what happens to dulcinea?
  • They get separated in a sand storm
  • They go back to being friends
  • (your idea) comments welcome
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• 7/3/2018

I hope you wouldn't mind some shameless self-promotion?

I've worked on a little fic, and I would love to share it to the...few people who visit this fandom. I'm a Puss/Dulcinea shipper, and I've got a handful of fic ideas dedicated for them. I post my works both on AO3 and FFN. I try to bring some sort of standard for this fandom's writing community, so rest assured my works for Puss/Dulcinea are at least half-decent! (unlike...well, frankly, so many others.)

Check this one out: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12966836/1/if-you-were-a-pair-of-boots-mi-amor

And I'd be willing to take suggestions/writing prompts! :)
if you were a pair of boots, mi amor Chapter 1: how can words ever suffice, an adventures of puss in boots fanfic | FanFiction www.fanfiction.net
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• 6/3/2016


Could Artipheus be the REAL hero of San Lorenzo?
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