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• 2/18/2019

according to this, Season 7 should be available by July 15, 2019. However, this is just speculation.

When Will The Adventures of Puss in Boots Season 7 be Released on Netflix?
When Will The Adventures of Puss in Boots Season 7 be Released on Netflix? OTLSM
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• 1/30/2019

Puss x Dulcinea?? Puss x Kitty Softpaws?? Puss x Sphinx?? Puss x Alessandra

So, let’s vote!!
  • Puss x Dulcinea
  • Puss x Kitty Softpaws
  • Puss x Sphinx
  • Puss x Alessandra
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• 1/21/2019

Theory for a possibility of a adventure of puss in boot seasons 7 or puss in boot 2

You can write theory or your suggestions and information

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• 1/18/2019

Did have Kiss scene puss in boot

write episode with kiss scene or love scene

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• 9/3/2018

Where’s Dulcinea? And is there gonna be a sequel?

I mean, cmon. Dreamworks could have done something to connect the series and the movie. I’ve seen ppl on here say that they wondered what happened to Dulcinea. That’s a huge question that Dreamworks needs to answer. Oh and btw, is there gonna be a Puss in Boots 2? There’s another question that they need to answer. Share ur ideas, San Lorenzans
I have a theory about Dulcinea
  • I think there’s gonna be a sequel
  • idk about the sequel, but I hope so!!
  • No, I don’t think there’s gonna be a sequel
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• 8/12/2018

I don’t mean any harm but..

I love Puss and Dulcinea’s relationship. Puss actually becomes very good friends with her. They are very, very good friends. Overtime, they start to show affection and that wasn’t shown much with Kitty Softpaws.That was kinda clear to see in the series. I’m not saying Kitty Softpaws and Puss’ relationship is wrong, I’m just saying I think he does better with Dulcinea. Besides, Dulcinea has a pure heart and she tries to teach him patience. Of course he may seem a little self centered and egotistical, but she was able to see PAST that. I’m being very honest! I think Dulcinea and Puss go GREAT together! No hard feelings. :)
Do you think the same way?
  • No, I like Kitty and Puss better.
  • Yes, Dulcinea and Puss are PERFECT!
  • I like them both.
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• 8/2/2018

spoiler warnings

Sometimes people come to read about characters without having completed the series. I made the mistake of stopping by today while still on season 2 and... well if this wiki is going to mention the T-word on the articles of Cleevil and Dulcinea then would it be possible to put up some kind of spoiler warning? That's a major reveal... I'm not sure I'll be able to forget that even if I delay continuing for a couple years.
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• 3/1/2018

New Background

This isn't a very active wiki and it's very likely the ones who can help have all but abandoned the place, but my gripe is with the background of the front page. Tiled backgrounds can appear lazy and the fact that it's just a portrait of Puss in Boots makes it seem more like an amateur fan page rather than a wiki.

Which is why I suggest using the ending credit sequence as a background. Cleaned up, the image provides a clean, unobtrusive image that fills up the better part of the screen without having to tile.

If there's anyone with the power to do so, I strongly suggest a change for the betterment of the site as a whole.
Post image
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• 1/30/2018

New Admin/Bureaucrat

Now I have noticed after joining this wiki the Bureaucrat, as well as only admin, is inactive and account has been deactivated. Because of this I would like to make an adoption request for this wiki on Community Central. I would like to hear from you guys, please comment on this what you think and who you think should make the request to adopt. If no one responds to this within a week I will make a request to adopt because Iwould like tosee this wiki excel and be as good as the show it represents.
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• 9/11/2014


What types of suggestions do you have for the Wiki?
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